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We look forward to supporting our professional partnerships and invite you to reach out to one of our program moderators with any questions or comments you may have.  We're here to help.


Chris is an east coast transplant here in San Diego and originally from the Washington D.C. area.  He has lived all over the United States and when Chris was 17 he lived in Germany and played football, American soccer, in the Bezirksliga. After moving back to the States he finished college in Tennessee and eventually moved out to California. California has always been his dream place to live and in 2015 he packed up his car and drove West and landed in San Diego. 

San Diego is home and Chris takes full advantage of the gorgeous coastal town. He enjoys surfing, hiking and jogging with his pup. He and his husband have a rescue dog named Cali and they live in Northern San Diego a few minutes away from the beach. Chris has always had a passion for philanthropy and working to strengthen his communities. Chris also is an advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement and has contributed many hours to educating the community on social issues. Chris works in the healthcare industry and has been a part of the fight against COVID-19


Carolyn is a 2nd generation, native Southern Californian.  She moved to Oceanside with her family in 1975, where they lived on a boat in Oceanside Harbor.  Being raised in the 60’s & 70’s created a keen awareness of the social movements and the responsibility to advocate for an equitable society.  


In 1979, her love for horses drew her to the non-traditional career of a through-bred exercise rider, eventually earning her Trainers license at the Santa Anita Racetrack. During this time, Carolyn came face to face with societies inequities when she worked with migrant workers and saw the struggles they faced.  At this point she decided to get involved and advocated for their rights, continuing to do so, until she retired from the track in 1987.  Later as a Regional Human Resource Director, she worked hard for equal pay and to increase leadership opportunities for women and minorities. In 2003, after 12-years of promotions and excelling in this role, she came out at work as gay and subsequently fought and won against her wrongful termination case.


In the summer of 2008, Carolyn joined the North County LGBT Coalition efforts against CA Prop. 8 and worked toward marriage equality.  Within months she was asked to join the Coalition’s board of directors.  When the North County LGBTQ Resource Center (NC Center) was established in 2011, Carolyn took on the responsibilities of board-chair. During this time, she founded and was the Director for the Project Youth Program.  She retired from the Board of Directors Dec 21, 2018.  Her passion for alternative holistic health and preventative medicine inspired her to earn her certifications in Holistic Health, Nutrition and Herbology with honors from the Global College of Natural Medicine.  Carolyn became board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners in 2009 and founded her business, 4 Wellness Naturally in Oceanside.  She is excited to be working with the NC Center and their Professional Partners Program to use the culmination of her skills and experience to help others thrive personally and professionally.


We are very grateful for the generous support from these featured professional partners.

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