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These young people cite running away from home or being rejected by their families because of their LGBTQ status as the two most common reasons for being homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless.


The North County LGBTQ Resource Center has engaged in the prevention of homelessness by assisting, collaborating and co-leading County efforts alongside other nonprofit organizations.


What do we do

UNICORN HOMES is just one of the ways we aim to reduce disparities of services and support for our LGBT youth. However, homelessness can affect anyone and often our LGBT seniors are a benefit away from becoming homeless.


How Can you Help?

Support Unicorn Homes and the effort of our LGBT Center DONATE. The support of this program allows us to provide wrap around services (bus passes, mental health, link to services) to youth under distress.


Be a visible ally in the community where you live and work. Standing up for a queer youth can make a difference in their lives and save them from the desperate attempt to run away.


If you are aware of a youth that struggle with lack of family support, please contact us.


Also, in addition to donations, female and male hygiene products are always welcome.


If you are a Youth provider please read this:  



Download free LGBTQ homelessness toolkit:


Resources for LGBT Youth and Trauma informed care:

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