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How To Book Therapy


The North County LGBTQ Resource Center provides clinical service intakes and referrals at low or no cost.  Therapy intake sessions are provided by several trainees and associates. Our associates are pre and post graduate directly supervised by Dr. Nicole Kent. We provide consultations every day, Monday to Friday, by appointment only. Your session fee is based on a sliding scale approach.  Sliding scale is anything between $25 to $65 per session. 


To be referred to a specialist to receive psychotherapy services from North County LGBTQ Resource Center, please complete the confidential form linked below.


Bahavioral Health Team

Dr. Nicole Kent (she/hers) is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice, specializing in trauma. She ran the Our Circle youth group for 20 years, providing social support for LGBTQIA+ youth, ages 14-18.  Nicole is providing clinical supervision for the Center’s therapy interns, who are providing much needed support for our community. Nicole lives in Oceanside with her wife, two children, and lots of pets.  


Although Stephen grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, he considers Southern California his home. Prior to his recent graduation from Alliant International University’s Marriage and Family Therapy program, Stephen spent a year at USC’s School of Social Work. Both at Alliant and USC, Stephen focused research on the specific needs of LGBTQIA+ populations, particularly adolescents and young adults confronting the destructive effects of minority stress.  


In addition to providing counseling to the LGBTQIA+ community, Stephen also serves as a court appointed special advocate (CASA), assisting youth in foster care through advocacy and mentorship.  


While Stephen identifies as a cisgender gay man, he is passionate about working with all gender, sexual, romantic, and intersectional minority populations, as well as those currently questioning their own identities and social locations. Stephen provides services to individuals, families and couples, including those engaged in open, polyamorous, and other consensual non-monogamous relationship styles.


Jodi grew up on a small farm in Texas and received her degree in psychology from the
University of North Texas in 1998. Her experience as a small business owner, mindfulness instructor, and parent of two inspired her current beliefs and piqued her interest to begin graduate school in marriage and family therapy in 2018. Jodi currently lives in Carlsbad and enjoys spending time with her two teenagers, dog, and cat; she also enjoys cooking, gardening, and watching a good sitcom.


Jodi is passionate about working with LGBTQIA clients and offering affirming and inclusive therapy. Her perspective is strengths-based, and she believes in the importance of deconstructing beliefs based on larger systems of power and decentering cisheteronormativity to support clients in their authentic gender and sexual expression and in living meaningful and fulfilling lives.


Rachel (she/her) is a queer fat therapist in her final semester of study to receive her master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. For the past two years, she has worked in community mental health with children, adults, and families who have experienced trauma. 


Due to her clinical and life experiences, Rachel is passionate about working with queer folx with religious/spiritual, familial, and intergenerational trauma. She is also interested in working with those wanting to move away from diet culture and want to embrace an anti-diet/fat-positive mindset.


Before coming out and becoming a therapist, Rachel worked with college students in a conservative Christian ministry. After discovering she was queer, her whole life changed. She lost her community, her job, and what she knew her faith to be at that point. Her experiences have led her to become a therapist and care for those who experience oppression, injustice, and hate through broken systems and generational perspectives. 


Rachel provides therapy through a feminist/systematic/humanistic perspective, where she works with her clients to break old thought patterns, process and heal from trauma, and view issues through a systematic lens to evaluate how cisheteronormative, patriarchal, and anti trans and anti queer systems contribute to their concerns and play a part in their healing.


Rachel lives in Los Angeles with her fiancee, Katie, and their three cats, Peanut, Finnegan, and Millie. When she’s not in session or in class, she loves traveling, being outdoors, trying new coffee shops, listening to podcasts, reading books, and spending time with her favorite people. 


Ashley Saffell NC LGBTQ Center.jpg

Ashley is an MFT-Trainee, currently working towards a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy at Alliant International University. They grew up in Temecula, CA and currently live in Vista. They have an MA in Psychology.


Ashley was a previous BCBA (inactive) and has experience working with children and adults who are diagnosed with Autism. They played soccer and softball for over 15 years. They have spent a lot of time in Mexico where they helped to build houses for those without one. During that time, Ashley also worked in 3 orphanages.


They also spent time in Managua, Nicaragua, working at a school within “La Chureca,” the largest landfill in Central America. They also helped to build an orphanage within the community. Ashley identifies as queer and lives with their partner and their dog whom they refer to as their child. They are passionate about working with those who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community.



Rebecca is a native of San Diego. She graduated from San Diego State University with her bachelor's in psychology and is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program at National University, working towards her master's degree as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Rebecca is a trainee and will graduate in 2024. Her interests include personalized card making, photography, puzzles, and spending time with her wife and children. 


Rebecca is part of the LGBTQ community, and as such, she has been an advocate for acceptance, inclusion, empowerment, and affirmation and leads with a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) outlook as a positive way to think, believe, and react to life’s challenges. Rebecca supports autonomy, sexual expression, gender expression, and individuality as a foundation for life and growth and should be accessible to all.



Alissa grew up in Encinitas but moved to Hawaii after high school in pursuit of greater diversity, cultural experience, and connection to nature. There, she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Hawaii at Hilo (2000), opened a surf shop, and started a family. In 2013, Alissa returned to Carlsbad where she now resides with her three teenagers, one of whom is transgender, and three cats.

A compassionate professional, cancer survivor, and proud ally, Alissa collaborates with clients to co-create empowering and affirming narratives that honor their diverse identities and experiences. She is committed to providing informed, culturally sensitive care to LGBTQ individuals, fostering self-acceptance, and creating a more inclusive and supportive society.

Alissa is a graduate student at National University pursuing a Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Clinical Counselor licensure. She genuinely loves to study psychology and work with people. She also enjoys hiking, yoga, painting, and all things Aloha.



Leti is a Local Osider, born & raised in the Eastside community of Oceanside. Born to Immigrant parents from Mexico, who came here for a better life. Since an early age she decided to never take for granted, her parents sacrifice. She earned an Associates degree in Business & Bachelor’s degree in Criminal justice Administration; And in 2015 was inducted into her Elementary school Hall of Fame for her entrepreneurial efforts.


After many roles in the community, she Decided to take a leap of faith and focus fully on her Community Organization/Small business NVRSTP, better known as Neverstop. She is the founder and host of NVRSTP Shining’s BeYOUtiful Project, a Local Women Empowerment movement; As well as the wife to her middle school sweetheart and a parent to four Kiddos, the oldest whom is Transgender. Fun Fact: Leti was titled Little Miss Oceanside at the age of five.


Her love and passion for her community (especially the lgbtq family) is what keeps her motivated and moving forward. She is thrilled about this new direction and growth opportunity.


Behavioral Health Intake Form

For Prospective Clients of Psychotherapy Services

Please be assured that the information you provide will only be used to help identify appropriate therapy services for you, and will be kept strictly confidential.

I am seeking:
Have you been in therapy previously?
Do you have insurance?

At this time, our LGBTQ Center does not take any insurance. If you have insurance, we can help you connect with a provider that can assist you.

Are you able to pay for your therapy sessions per our affordable sliding scale that ranges from $25 to $60 per session?

Our Resource Center offers services at low cost or no cost.  In order to keep this service sustainable, we rely on you and your best judgment regarding how much you will be able to pay for your therapy sessions.

Thank you for your interest in therapy services with North County LGBTQ Resource Center. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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