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Rise Above Program


Who can I call for support with recovery and sobriety in North San Diego County?  

Here at the North County LGBTQ+ Resource Center we seek to provide referrals to organizations that are not only competent in providing services to our community, but are also safe and free from social stigma. Opioid recovery programs noted here have completed an LGBTQ+ competency training with the North County Resource Center. 

Treatment is never one size fits all…

Medication is one part of a program that includes counseling and case management. MAT providers working to meet the needs of the LGBTQ+ community also address any underlying elements that may have caused an addiction. This is instrumental to the recovery process. Programs tailored for the LGBTQ community show better outcomes because they address unique factors such as homophobia/ transphobia, bullying, family problems, violence, sexual health, homelessness and social isolation.  Let’s Rise Above It TOGETHER.

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For additional support and referrals related to Opioid use contact MAT Outreach Coordinator, Lisa Lipsey, at You can also visit for resources outside of North San Diego County. 

North County Serenity House (serves people identifying as female)



Oceanside Comprehensive Treatment Center



Soap MAT



TrueCare Community Clinic



Vista Community Clinic MAT


Rise Above
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