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The North County LGBTQ Resource Center received a Stop The Hate grant to strengthen our work with direct service, prevention and intervention programs for victims and survivors of hate incidents and hate crimes, and their families. It also allows us to bolster our connections with coalition partners.

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If this is an emergency, please dial 911

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We acknowledge the trauma, stress and resulting fear associated with being involved in a hate crime or hate incident. Here at the North County LGBTQ+ Resource Center, we seek to provide a safe environment free of social stigma. We consider hate crimes and hate incidents a serious offense. Whether you’ve had a direct experience, were a witness, or an ally looking for help, you have our commitment to support you.


Who can I call for support if I have experienced a hate crime?


If you feel you’ve experienced a hate crime or hate incident, we can help you file a report.


You can reach us at 760-994-1690.


For additional assistance and/or referrals related to hate crimes and hate incidents you can contact Executive Director Max DIsposti at or Stop the Hate Program Coordinator Angela Jackson, at

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