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Oceanside LGBTQI Liaison


Terry Gorman Brown, Management Analyst

City Manager's Office

(760) 435-3377


Suzanne Harder, Housing Specialist

City of Oceanside

(760) 435-3378


Thomas Schmiderer, Assistant City Clerk

City of Oceanside

(760) 435-3024



Lynne Seabloom, Fire Department Medical Services Officer

City of Oceanside

(760) 435-4103


Sergeant Keli Garcia, Oceanside Police Department

City of Oceanside

(760) 435-4815


Jennifer Acfalle, Human Resources

City of Oceanside

(760) 435-3516​​​​​​​

The City of Oceanside is an equal opportunity employer.

Carlsbad LGBTQI Liaison


Natali Fant, Officer, Carlsbad Police Department


Escondido LGBTQI Liaison


Mario Sainz, Sergeant - Training Division, Escondido Police Department


Ed Varso, Chief of Police, Police Department | City of Escondido

Direct: 760-839-4408

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