While the LGBTQ community has a strong legacy of resisting hate, violence, and police brutality, our voices to bring racist murderers to justice needs to be clear and loud, now more than ever.


The live images of the killing of George Floyd and (a few weeks earlier) the lynching of Ahmau Arbery, are becoming the new norm. While we condemn the senseless killing at the hands of the Minnesota police and call for criminal charges against all the police officers involved, we also know that this is a systemic problem. When other officers stand around without intervening to prevent Mr. Floyd’s death, we know it is a systemic problem. When white America stands around pointing at the looting, at the anger, and at the rioting but never at herself, it is a systemic problem. When the President of the United States openly incites violence and advocates the shooting of protesters but sympathizes with an army of white supremacists marching inside the Michigan State Capitol, you know that this is a systemic problem. It is a problem that has infected America at its core.  The privilege of believing that a few rotten apples have contaminated a perfectly functioning system has been proven wrong several hundred times just in the past few years. 


At the North County LGBTQ Resource Center we stand with our human siblings of all races and colors. We mourn the losses of trans women of color, who continue to be killed in America without seeing any justice. Transphobia, isolation, or the lack of access to healthcare leaves the poor more exposed during a pandemic and are all amplified through the intersections of race and prejudice. We are not here just to point a finger and condemn; each and everyone one of us must do better. Our queer community needs to do better. We pledge to continue the effort to lead by example, to stand against the violence, but also in opposition to the forced assimilations, not just of our sexual and gender identities, but race as well.

June is around the corner and marks our own revolt against police violence against our communities at the Stonewall Inn in New York and other similar places around this country. It was our moment when trans women of color, drag queens, and all of us stood up against the abuses of oppression and injustice. Many achieved equality thanks to that movement, but others are still left behind. It is time to pick up where we left off and begin again to move all of us forward.  The North County LGBTQ Resource Center joins so many others to stand side by side with our Black and Brown community members fighting for their lives, dignity, and pursuit of happiness. We also stand against any form of hate that has affected our Native American and Asian American communities during this pandemic. Stop the Hate. Stop the Violence. We invite you to do the same #BlackLivesMatter #TransLivesMatter  

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