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Emotional burnout: signs, causes, overcoming

Burnout creeps up unnoticed and hits fast: the day before the burnout

What to do with emotional burnout?

Adjust your sleep and nutrition.

If you sleep little and badly, "superficially," waking up at the slightest noise, and then you cannot fall asleep for a long time, it is better to use sedative sedatives (you can get it from a pharmaceutist or neurologist, just describe your symptoms correctly). If you sleep a lot, have trouble waking up, and then feel lethargic all day - the same sedative, but invigorating (eleutherococcus, etc.).

If you eat poorly and little, forget to eat, keep a plate with vegetables or fruit, nuts or dried fruits, as well as chocolate (good chocolate is prescribed by psychiatrists for depression as a medicine). If a lot PayForEssay - the same, but buy chocolate bitter.

And drink a lot of water (again, put a 1.5 liter bottle on the table), to shake up your metabolic processes.

Put stories aside. Temporarily.

Writing with emotional burnout is very dangerous. To write a couple of lines, you have to force yourself for half an hour, and it takes an abyss of strength. Which you don't have. Don't force yourself, no matter what.

If you're afraid of losing touch with the story or if you're pressed for time, instead of writing for at least a week, write your future plans backwards from the existing text. Reread and tidy up your drafts. Write down short vignettes that will later fit into the text, stories of characters or the world.

Write physics home work help things that are not repulsive and come out easily, without "having to." Or edit the text. Or read it as a reader, downloading it to your phone or reader, noting good points and praising yourself for the work you've done.

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